If I don't

Every job I done had
I felt i was cursed with
They be snatching my soul
I need reimbursment

Gotta use that for my purpose
I feel like i did it on purpose
Slacked off on my dreams
So it could potentially hurt me

Sometimes I feel
Like im really unworthy
Tried everything in my power
Nothing seems to be working

I'm hurting
I did it to myself though
Lost all of my patience
Cause when i tried it all came slow

And I heard it usually does
To those of us who try to stay true
Its hard to work this job
And still try to subdue

All my demons and insecurities
That constantly try to attack me
Got everything I could ask for
But still something is lacking

The money is good
In my love life im happy
being true to myself
Even keep my hair a lil nappy

But deep down in my heart
Seeping into my soul
There's a part of me
That I still got on doze

Im froze in time
Waiting on myself to make it happen
Put in my two weeks notice
Gather my things and get to packing

I'm lacking the fire
To start my next project
I don't know what to do now
What steps do I take next ?

I just need to do it
Whatever this thing is
Trying to be an inspiration
And look out for the kids

Cause I don't see too many
And for that I'm starting to frown
I don't have more time to waste
I guess I'll start this thing now

Cause if I don't
It'll be another soul wasted
That didn't step up to the plate
And the look out for the babies


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