A Part Of Me

I think i know you from somewhere
Farther than what my brain can remember
Haven't been knowing you for too long
But something about you feels so familiar

Were we friends before ?
Way back When I was younger
Your presence alone I recognize
Which brought me to a state of wonder

I can't help but ponder
At every angle of your existence
I usually can keep my composure
Right now my thoughts are way too conflicted

I want to throw off all my armor
Everything I used for resistance
Purposely leave my blueprints on the table
And let you infiltrate every entrance

Money can't buy this feeling
Your richness is way too expensive
I want you to expose it all
Going deeper and more extensive

Lets show our vulnerability
Explore every fossil of our beings
They can't comprehend our chemistry
It goes way beyond believing

Its go ways beyond perceiving
You would have to be us to understand
Intertwined at the soul
Like we share some kind of gland


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