Same Page

Leave me alone
I dont wanna do it
Why would i go back
To something that's ruined

Its broken
Its Means me no good
Why wont you just leave things
The way that you should

Last time i was down
Last time I was out
You took my heart
And threw it about

Left me alone
Let me cry tears
I had my hopes up
I did for years

Had to tell myself
That you'd come around
Discover the love
That I've already found

Did it to myself
You told me no
I Woulnt accept it
Didn't think it was so

Told you id leave
You said go
That was the last time
I had done it before

I let you come back
Gave you one last chance
Prove me wrong
Show me you a man

You dropped the ball
Didnt seem to care
Took me as a game
I guess i picked dare

I finally left
Found me another
True as can be
Really my lover

Feelings are mutual
No games to play
No recess break
We stay in all day

Now that you see
That i meant what I said
You running back
On your last leg

I can't allow it
Cant be no fool
You was happy with how we were
Now I am too


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