Pay cut

I recently quit my old job working at a factory. I was working there for about a year and i hated every minute of it. Well for the most part at least. One thing I hated the most was the forced over time. You either had to come in 4 hours early or stay over 4 hours late. Some people didn't mind doing it and sometimes neither did I. But everybody has their limit. We worked overtime ALL the time. At first I wasn't in a relationship so all I did was work. I didn't have anything else to do. When I got into a relationship, I wanted to be home more. That was just that. It seemed like I was at work all the time. As far as I could tell those people cared nothing about my life outside that factory. Really didn't have to much of one. I started to look for other job and I finally found another one after about 4 months of searching. The thing is, i took a pay cut of maybe about 3 or 4 dollars. A lot of people say I'm crazy for doing this but I feel free now to a certain extent. As I grow older I'm just realizing that my happiness and freedom matters more than anything in this world. Getting hung up on worldy possessions can put you somewhere where you don't want to be.


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