Conversations with Myself

I need to talk to you
Yeah it's been a minute
I've been distracted by life
I haven't payed you much attention

To be honest. I ignore you
When I'm making some decisions
Because I can't seem to let go
To my bad habits I become submissive

I already figured it out
You know what's best
Give me signals and signs
That's why I always suffer on what comes next

But let's be real
You make bad decisions too
Emotions running you
Telling you when to move

Your heart is big
Which I have always admired
But it causes you to stay
Where love has already expired

It causes you to give
When there is nothing left
Causes you to be someone else
Instead of be yourself

Its causes you to be dumb
A little bit naive
Just because you opened your legs
Don't mean that he won't leave

Just because you have good intentions
It don't mean that they do
You have to use your mind
Don't let them play you

Stand your ground
Don't be scared of confrontation
They may of had the right one before
But let them know with you they've mistaken

I know I have my faults too
I know I dont have to explain
Let's just work as a team
And beat them at their own game

Lets stand strong together
No matter what they throw
Even if we fall down
That's an opportunity to grow

That's an opportunity to show
That during any situation we'll be fine
Its wonderful to have a good heart
But even better to have a strong mind


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