Moving Forward

Dang im unhappy, laying down in my bed
Dont wanna deal with all the thoughts rushing up in my head

Let me find something to do, to pass this little time
Thinking outside the box but scared to cross the line

Im so sick of repetition, aint nothing really to do
My appetite sparking up, i feel the voidness with food

Smoking aint really fun, its just something to do
We all idle right now so of course we thinking its cool

We ain't got nothing to prove, but we try to anyway
Rather try to fit in than be ourselves any day

Aint got nothing in common so we make up something to say
We make fun of any and everybody who won't cooperate

We can't enjoy the time now cause we waiting on another day to come
Can't concentrate on where we going cause we focusing on where we come from

I know it's hard to forget because what made us was the slums
But we must keep moving forward and remember that them days is done


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