Just Want You Around

Someone to care
Someone to hold me
Don't play about it
I want you to know me

I want you to be here
When I'm feeling too lonely
Let me know now
Are you real or just a phony ?

If you need it
You can cry to me
I want you to see
What the eyes can't see

Even meeting you
Was a surprise to me
I'm the one you been waiting on
The others were just dusguised as me

I just need you to be yourself
I was there when there was no one else
I hope you can understand my dillema
Sometimes I just don't want to be by myself

Nobody else gets it
You're the only one
When my soul calls out
You're the one to come

I cut off part of my heart
Just to give you some
If you ever met somebody real
You know where im coming from


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