You changed

I wish back then there was something
that alerted me of all the danger
We had became best friends
And now we are known strangers

Really it ain't no anger
Just some fucked up memories
Of how I treated you right
And you played me like the enemy

Had me thinking you was into me
Feeling me up with promises
But when the time came
I wondered where the promise went

I guess it was my fault
I gave you too much dominance
Told you you was the shit
And it gave you this boost of confidence

You was insecure at first
Then out of nowhere came arrogance
Started looking down on people
And acting like you was better than

Really it seemed better when
You was a lil lame
When the girls wasn't looking
And ain't nobody know yo name

Then when I came
And walked into the picture
All the girls wanted you
Cause they seen that I was wit you

And you went for it
Had me looking stupid
Thought you was my man
And I was ready to fight to prove it

Ready to go through whatever
Just so we could be
Fighting for a relationship
That you wasn't trying to keep

So really it was just me
Holding on to nothing
I threatened to leave
Somehow you knew I was bluffing

You laughed when i started cussing
Like it was all a joke
Ignoring my face being red
And my ears filing up with smoke

 i knew it was no hope
I knew i would have to cope
With that hard ass pain
Worrying about what i would lose, not realizing what I would gain

You said that it would change
But it never got better
She did everything to get you
You did nothing to not let her

I was really fed up
With all yo player type stuff
Gave you all i had
You acted like it wasn't enough

When i was ready to leave
You tried to come closer
But you had yo chance
It was already over


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