What is marriage really ?

You know I don't believe in marriage
Well not in the tradition
I don't think it's a goal
Or one of life's missions

Or something that you do
When you feel your life has gone missing
Or when you got a lot of bills
That you need some assist with

I don't think its something you do
When your in a certain religion
Or some move that you make
To further your commitment

Why do I have to sign a paper
Just for us to go the distance
I want to be with you for life
I don't have to walk down an isle to admit it

I wont change my last name
Cause im not your property
You may not get it right now
But can you see it my way possibly ?

I shouldn't have to do the extra
For you to acknowledge me
Im sick of everybody around me
Telling me who I gotta be

My love is worth more than a ring
Or some pearly white dress
You can't set my love up in a church
Like its some kind of project

You can't tax my love
And make it one of your fees
My type of love is too strong
Itll make you get down on my BOTH knees

I shouldn't have to beg
I shouldn't have to plead
I know im worth it all
I have everything that you need

You mean I have to go through a court
Just to prove my love
And use the petty excuse
Of "you doing it in front of the one above"

You know that im yours
And i know that your mine
Im completely happy with you
I guess that'll show over time

Ill always love you
You should trust that
And if most people did
They wouldn't have to sign a contract


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