Real Family

I was always the odd ball in the family. The one that didn't act like the rest of them. We have a family picture and I'm the only light skinned person in it, so when my sister told me I was adopted I believed her. I mean I don't look like any of them at all. I get all my physical attributes from my dad's side. That didn't help either because he was never around to take to meet any of his people. Therefore I was alone. My mom, sister, and brother would always be in the front room having good conversations while I was in the back in my own little world. My mom always said I was a strange child. That I never talked, just was always looking. I just felt like I didn't belong. I have never had anything in common with ANYONE in my family. I have never felt comfortable around them either. My relatives act real crazy. The vibe alwaty be off and everybody seem so full of if. Family treats you like you ain't nothing but get mad when you don't want to deal with or be around them. They keeps trying to convince me that that is just how family is. I don't accept that. I don't accept that family talk about you like dirt and treat you like dirt BUT you still suppose to be cool with it.I have met other people in my life though that I'm completely comfortable with. It's crazy how people not in your family can treat you way better than your actual family. Accept you more and help you out more as well. That you can connect and talk to them about a lot of things. We all know that we have those different sides. We act all wild around our friends but on holidays when we meet up with family, we completely different people. I've come to realize that my "family" is indeed not that. That's just the group of people I was born into. My family are the ones I connect with. The ones I can talk to about anything. The ones that will help me out when I need it. The ones that I can feel the love coming from. The ones that tell me the truth not because they're judging me, but because they want what's best for me and want to see me happy. That's what you call family.


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