Wait on It

You may be at that age
When you think you really want it
But for the sake of your emotions
Please wait on it

I know it may be difficult
One of the hardest things ever
But if you wait until your truly in love
It could only be better

All your friends might be pressuring
Because they are all doing it
Your first time should be special
Don't let them ruin it

Your body is your temple
You should always keep that sacred
He might not treat you the same
After you have seen him naked

Sex before commitment
Opens the wrong doors
When you have it
You just want it more and more

You may become annoying to him
Because you will become attached
Sad thing about it is
He may not be your soul match

Are you both in love?
Are the feelings the same ?
Feelings may not be mutual
He could be playing games

Forget all that talk
And that slight affection
It wont really work out
Without that spiritual connection

Now you two are strangers
Or have become very distant
You don't feel whole anymore
A part of you is missing

He took that part of you
Moved right along
So think about it
Before that part of you is gone


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