Maybe i should be alone

Everybody in my life
Has always been temporary
Telling me who they think i should be
Pressuring me with their commentary

Sometimes I already know things
It's some things that I can be shown
So I'm always counting down the time
Of when I will again be alone

You would probably think
That they stay around for long
But in no time something happens
When i look up, they're gone

Maybe I do too much
With my abundant amount of love
It could be that I push back
When I feel them starting to shove

To have a conversation
We both have to listen
I guess they got the wrong idea
Didn't really learn the definition

They tell me to speak my mind
I try my best to keep it honest
When i say how I feel
I can tell that's not what they wanted

I thought we were two people
Sharing thoughts and ideas
I thought we were friends
That's why I had to keep it real

I think people want you to lie
To boost up their heads
So when you tell the truth
They get mad instead

You love me so much
Until i disagree
We all have our on visions
Sometimes I won't see what you see

So when you show love
I know it's a lie
If you don't love the good and the bad
The friendship will die

Because it's all good
As long as you're singing the same song
I honestly think I look forward
To my time alone


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