In my opinion

When I look around everybody seems to be either unhappy or stuck. Sometimes life happens and we are forced to live with some decisions forever. I'm mainly speaking on relationships and children. You might have had so many hopes and dreams but you had a child or got married and that forced you to throw away all of that. Why ? Because you're no longer living for yourself. You have other responsibilities as a spouse or parent. Then nowadays it's like people rushing to be those things. Everybody so eager to get married, women especially. I just wish people would slow down. I've seen so many people unhappy in marriages. I think its because most people do it so quick that they don't get to discover themselves. You would never know what it's like to be alone and making choices that truly make you happy. To have that total freedom to be whatever you want. All there is out here and I just suppose to settle for the simple life of being somebody's wife? Ain't no way. It seems more like a job than an actual pleasure. You'll be unhappy with your life because all you have ever been was the property of someone else. Im not saying relationships are bad but you still have to be able to your own person outside of that. Even more so with children. I know that's a tough, time consuming responsibility. I recognize that. This may sound bad to most but you can't live your whole life solely for your children. You have to be yourself even outside of that too. Im not saying that you shouldn't do everything possible to be a good parent but you have to take care of you as well. That may sound selfish but honestly we are all selfish beings. Nobody just wants to admit it because it's like a "bad" thing in today's world. There is nothing wrong with being selfish and looking out for yourself. I used to feel bad because I don't want kids like no time soon. I know i got things I want to do and places I want to go. Children will only hold me back from that. I know if I was to have children I wouldn't dedicate my whole life to them. That would be unfair to them because I'd be robbing them of having a full time parent. So i would rather wait. If I was going to be in a relationship, I would have to be with somebody that would allow me to still have my independence. We be giving up everything for these men. I never really seen a man give up too much for a woman. I know when in relationships it requires a LOT of time. A relationship really doesn't take all of that. That's just my little opinion though. 


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