Ball in your court

You got me
Feeling emotionally attached 
Didn't even see this coming
Feeling emotionally attacked 

Said I'd never love again 
I was being dishonest
Can't think of nothing else
My mind I'm keeping you on it

Future. Past. Present 
Thinking of you in every tense
See. Hear. Taste. Smell. Touch 
Got me wanting you in every sense

How my love get this deep ? 
It don't even make sense
We laid in bed all day
I can still smell your scent

When I see you walking
No, when I see you gliding
My heart warms up
My body temperature rises

My smile widens
Then I attempt to hide it
Got a lot to say
But my shyness got me on silent 

It may just be the way
Ya lip curl up when you smiling 
I like the way you do you 
You got ya own style and

You pick on me like a best friend 
Sometimes it make me blush 
Lets eliminate time
A few hours just ain't enough 

When you're away
I still feel you next to me
Connection run so deep
Got me thinking this destiny

I want what's best for me
And that's you
I made the first step
Anticipating your next move


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