Breaking the cycle

There are these cycles that we all go through in life. For some reason, none of us recognize these cycles or recognize the fact that we are currently in one. We get caught up in the emotions and the feelings of it all. Steadily repeating the same steps over and over again, putting ourselves through numerous amounts of pain and potential karma. I've been through it and I see other people going through it everyday. The one thing I think that kills us is history. The amount of time we spend with someone. The amount of times we go through things with them. The numerous amounts of tears, laughs and memories. Those things alone form a poisonous attachment. An attachment that will keep hurting us unless we break the cycle. One attachment is family. I see people go through the cycle of hurt with their family all the time. We may have family members that use us up. They talk very crazy to us. Steal from us. Lie to us. Everything. Even after they do all these things, that still expect you to deal with them in the same exact ways. Of course they expect us to deal with them in the name of "family". Just because they are family, we have to always deal with them no matter what. So they think. I personally think this is a lie. I think that after a while you have to limit the amount of dealings with your family or anybody for that matter. Of course they'll try to make you feel guilty for this but at some point you have to be selfish. Selfish with your peace and your space. Another attachment is relationships. We have all been in relationships were you felt like you never wanted to leave, never would leave. We were so in love with this person but for some reason things never went right. Either you loved them more or they loved you more. Either you wouldn't stop cheating or they wouldn't stop cheating. You guys just constantly hurt each other for YEARS. All because of love. I don't think we ever sat back and thought like "why am I constantly being hurt by a person who claims to love me?" or "why haven't we became official or gotten married yet?"After a while it all becomes an illusion. We think we're in love. We think that we're happy. But if that was the case then why do we keep getting hurt ? Again personally I just feel like we have to let go of those type of situations as well. After a while it all becomes an illusion. We're just with this person now simply because of the history. Putting ourselves through hurt because we are afraid to let go and move on. But if we do move on ? Maybe we'll be happier than we thought we could.


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