Where am I ?

My life seems to be everywhere
Think im getting lost in a maze
Parts of my life don't seem real
A phase within a phase

Looking at the mirror
Staring myself in the face
Been wondering who I am for so long
And how did i get to place

Im stuck in a space
Trapped behind the walls
There's no rock bottom
I just continue to fall

A bottomless pit
Is what this feels like
Got a smile on my face
Knowing i don't feel right

Im blacking out and getting nauseous
Questioning everything I see
Wondering how we were all created
And how did he come to be

Its hard to keep focus
I been thinking bout this for weeks
Seeing things that I can't explain
Every time I go to sleep

I have no control sometimes
My flesh is too weak
I can't ask anybody questions
I know they don't have the answers I seek

When I speak
I sound more than insane
But I have to be right ?
For unlocking that part of my brain

My mind is not the same
I've realized that much
But I feel it within
The things that can not be touched

I know it can't be rushed
But im ready to see what's happening
Haven't talked to nobody lately
They suggest that im mad at them

Its not even close to that though
Im just trying to figure it all out
What's going on around me ?
What is it all about ?

Cause if i tell you
What i been going through
It won't just be me anymore
You'll think im crazy too


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