No Time Left

Use your imagination
You cant limit your thoughts
Your mind is the one creating

Im trying to live now
I don't have time for saving
Stood still for too long
I dont have time for wasting

Im moving around like crazy
Because I dont have time for patience
But i can't stand still no longer
When I'm trying to be one of earths greatest creations

The fire inside me is blazing
With a lot of ideas
The demons around me constantly mad
Because of the negative thoughts that i kill

Nothing is real
Everything is an illusion
I solved the equation
The only answer I got was seclusion

Gotta keep moving forward
I have no time for excuses
Listening to what's inside
My soul is the most soothing music

The inner me is the only thing
That clears up all the confusion
It does get hard sometimes
Because of the human body that it's fused with

I used to be scared
And think my ideas were foolish
My fear is no longer holding me back
I gotta go ahead and do this


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