No Hire, Low Pay

I filled out 100 applications
Then I hit submit
Waiting for a phone call
Which one am I going to get ?

It really don't matter
I just need to work
Been going so long without food
My stomach starting to hurt

You wouldn't think it gets worse
But at some point it do
When you out with friends
But you the only one that can't pay for food

Or when you down to that last dollar
And you have to make a decision
Do you want your lights on
Or do you want to eat to keep living

Bad thoughts popping up
Im thinking about stealing
Or asking for money
From whoever is willing

See everybody is hiring
But nobody is hiring me
I just want to know why
I have the requirements that they seek

I have the qualifications that they need
And a lil extra if they want
Saying I do certain stuff
When I know I really don't

Wish i didn't have to
Lie to get a job
They have crazy expectations
Playing against the odds

The job I do have
Don't pay me to survive
Plus im not happy here
Im just trying to stay alive


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