Ima quit one day

Its a game out here
Im tryna make some money
But how can i do that
When they keep taking it from me

Keep talking to myself
Giving me some assurance
All these different taxes
Now they tripping off insurance

Felt like it was no hope
Like my happiness was ruined
Because the lowest paying job
Is being a positive influence

They want yo whole life
For that job you pursuing
Then it take 20 years
For you to really get into it

They got us all clueless
Unable to grow
Paying to learn stuff in school
That we already know

Working all these years
With nothing to show
Expecting us to survive
Knowing the pay way too low

Aint nowhere to go
When you dont know nobody
Working all these hours
Putting a toll on my body

Cant do what i love
Gotta find a different hobby
Its depressing as hell
Every night stocking grocery boxes

They throwing me instructions
Soon as i walk through the lobby
Im mad at myself for coming in
Really ready to hurt somebody

Working my butt off every night
But yet im still poor
Giving all i got to give
But yet they want more

I have one off day
But they never trip off they slack
Plus these bills collectors keep calling
Tryna get them off my back

All this stuff is really wack
I cant take it nomo
One day ima take off this uniform
And walk straight out that door


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